About us

Company M-technologies has been involved in the production of hard metal tools and their sharpening for more than 20 years. We have always tried to offer something extra to the customer, so we have extended our range of M-technologies tool management (MTTM). In close cooperation with the Austrian company Storetec systems, we have created an autonomous warehouse management system. With the Store Manager Pro automatic dispenser ( click on video) we’ve streamlined and simplified recurring processes such as dispensing, ordering, and receiving goods. Store Manager Pro allows you not only to release tools but also to return partially used tools for future use. Of course there is a connection with all ERP systems.


Main advantages of the system:

– Up to 2160 compartments for individual withdrawals at 1.2m2

-The possibility of returning partially used tools

-Automatic order generation

-100% warehouse control

-Absolute independence from suppliers

– Possibility to manage all known dispensers including large cardexes